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Our Electrical Services

Whether you're a residential client looking for new wiring circuits or a business owner seeking more energy efficient installations, we can provide our electrical services to you! No matter the need, we're confident we can supply a variety of solutions for common electrical problems ranging from inefficient lighting to total wiring installations. So give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you!
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Leave it to the professionals to handle all the electrical needs of your home. We can repair faulty switched, exposed wiring, flickering lights bulbs and much more! No matter the request, we're confident we can handle the job!

Light Fixture Replacements

Security Lighting

3-Way Switches

Electrical Safety Inspections

Damaged Wire Repair

Specialty Controls

Ceiling Fan Installations

Motion Sensors Installations

No time is a good time for your business to be affected by pesky electrical issues. But we can help. We can assist both commercial and industrial clients and conduct a range of electrical services to help your business run more efficiently.

Here is a sample of electrical services we offer:

Shock & Fire Prevention (AFCI/GFCI)

Electrical System Upgrades

High-Tech Troubleshooting

Code Update and Corrections

Circuit Installation Upgrades

Custom Lighting

Our electricians supply new installations such as power outlets, smoke detectors and more! Another large part of our business is our design-build services; our electricians custom design your electrical layout and implement it within your home or business.


Exterior Lighting

Breaker Panels



Security Systems

Surge Suppressors


When it comes to maintaining your outlets, light fixtures, security systems, and any other electrical units, we've got you covered. From the heavy duty jobs like the rewiring of your home down to the simple fixes that include light bulb replacements and outlet repairs, we can provide quick and efficient solutions for you! So if you're combating any type of electrical issue please feel free to give us a call today!



Power Supply Circuits


Circuit Breakers

& More!

Clites Electrical has an underground crew devoted to Directional Boring services. This method involves our team installing underground pipe, conduit or cable to best service your electrical needs. The directional boring machine is used to install sleeves or conduit under a road, driveway or other surface that you do not wish to disturb.


Environmental Casings

Power Cable Conduits

Water Lines

Sewer Lines

Gas / Oil & Pipe Lines